Our Export Department

Provides for support, product
informations and documentation.

Our highly motivated and service-oriented personnel is the backbone of our company and is permanently available to provide sales, marketing, technical and logistic support to all customers, always intending to deliver an ultimate service experience.
Working at height is the core of our company. To provide a complete solution to our customers we complement our high-quality product assortment with an extensive range of practical and theoretical fall protection, rescue installation and inspection training courses.... All this to ensure that our customers are trained to install and inspect our products but also to identify, control and deal with fall hazards in workplaces. In the most basic fall protection courses or the most advanced industry specific, rope access and rescue trainings we provide engaging and entertaining experiences to all participants. Each of our courses combine interactive classroom sessions and practical exercises given by certified trainers with extensive international experience.
Our Technical & Product Service Department
Workers around the world entrust their safety to our customers´ products. Our technical department assists our customers in the development of products suited to specific environments. All this to guarantee the best performance, reliability & durability.... We not only know our products, we also know where to use them. The technical department also provides support on demand regarding preventive & functional care, installations, inspections, maintenance, and repair of our products.

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